Asheville Gallery of Art
October Show

"In Kinship with the Land"

Zoe Schumaker and Sue Dolamore are the Asheville Gallery of Art’s featured artists for the month of October.  Visitors to the gallery will have the entire month to view their paintings, which focus on the relationship between humankind and nature.  Visitors may view this collection of new artwork, “In Kinship with the Land” from October 1-October 31 in the gallery at 82 Patton Avenue.  There will be an event to meet the artists on Friday, October 1, from 5pm-8pm.

Dolamore - Before the Snow  Falls-watercolor and ink-8 x 10-11 x 14-300.jpg

Dolamore       Before the Snow Falls

Dolamore-Late Autumn   Evening-watercolor-5 x 7-8x10 copy.jpg

Sue Dolamore’s work celebrates the partnerships between man and nature by depicting the rural landscapes of Western North Carolina, and the resilience of families who settled here and have lived interdependently with nature for generations.  Their close association with the land and its wild creatures has provided nourishment, warmth, shelter and more. 

She appreciates the wild landscapes beyond the homesteads; the clear running waters, expansive mountain views and intimate scenes of forest beauty.  These wonders call her back again and again.  “As I yearn for an ever-deeper connection with nature, I remember that we are kin and must care for each other in order to thrive.”  Her painting “Before the Snow Falls” depicts the feeling that rises within us when the weather is about to change; a confirmation of our connection with the natural world.  


Dolamore began painting in 2014.  She paints in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media, and her paintings are now appreciated by art lovers and collectors from around the world. 

Schumaker_At Play in Abrams Creek_Mixed Med_8x8_$225.jpg

Schumaker   At Play in Abram's Creek

“Nature fascinates me.  Through painting, I feel a deeper connection with the wonder, beauty and perfection of the natural world.  I hope that viewers will connect with the beauty and personality of each animal, recognizing how each one brings something unique to places they inhabit.  Living in kinship with the land – and each other – enriches us all.”


Visitors will be able to view “In Kinship with the Land” from October 1-31.  Open daily 11am-6pm at 82 Patton Avenue, the artists will be at the gallery to meet the public on Friday, October 1, between 5-8 pm.

Dolamore     Late Autumn Evening

Zoe Schumaker’s focus for this theme is wildlife, specifically animals that nearly disappeared but have returned with the help of human intervention via reintroduction, protection of and restoration of habitat.  Her paintings of North American animals are intimate portraits of species such as the playful river otter and the iconic elk in the Great Smoky Mountains.  These will be on display in mediums of sumi-e ink, watercolor and pastel.  


Schumaker grew up drawing, painting and photographing nature.  After moving to the Southern Appalachian Mountains, she rediscovered art as a means of contemplating, celebrating and advocating for the natural beauty that surrounds us.  

Schumaker_Safe in the Thicket_Mixed Med_12x9_$325.jpg

A 31-member cooperative, Asheville Gallery of Art embraces the diversity of styles, techniques, mediums and viewpoints each of our artists uses to interpret both the inner and outer world. Even during this time of pandemic life, we have stayed connected to one another and to our resilient mountain community. We continue to focus on making new and exciting works and letting our art speak for us.

Schumaker     Safe in the Thicket