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Lordeon-painterly Sally.jpg
Sally Lordeon

Asheville, NC / Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 828-651-9677

Cell: 828-775-2614


Interested in more information about any of Sally's artworks? 

Contact her directly if the Gallery
is closed for Covid-19.

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"Art is a language meant to speak the things that can't be said."

J. DeMarco

Captivated by the purity, splendor and the variety of all things, Sally Lordeon expresses her passion in her contemporary and impressionist art collections.  Her unique interpretation of the world captures the rich textures, grace and beauty she observes in her powerful yet serene paintings.


Sally studied fine arts at ACCC and Chatham University in Pennsylvania.  She moved to the majestic mountains of Asheville, North Carolina more than 30 years ago and after a successful career as a technical writer and college textbook author, Sally returned to her first passion--her love of color, form and the divine pleasure of painting.


Sally has said, "The colors and opulent textures in nature continually inspire my paintings and intend to trigger the viewer's imagery and creative thought. I love abstract and impressionist art because they emancipate the mind, allowing it to see what the eyes do not."  Her artwork embraces a versatile range of approaches and subjects, including figurative, abstracts, landscapes, florals and still-lifes.


Take a look at Sally's wonderful collection of artwork, here and in the Gallery.  Contact her directly if the Gallery is closed for Covid-19.