Cheryl Keefer

Black Mountain, NC


Inspired by the southern genre of her heritage and her old friends, Rembrandt, Sargent and Monet, Cheryl Keefer paints on location/from life. 


Some people find rain disconcerting, but Cheryl Keefer says she sees opportunities for hope, even joy, in the rain. “The quality of light is what it’s all about. I am always excited by the first brush stroke on the canvas. As the tension between light and shadow intensifies I tend to forget subject matter and focus on rendering my feelings about the scene.”  Her work is noted for a soft nostalgia, a bitter-sweetness found in her misty streets and gloaming skies, that express the closing of another day. “I can be profoundly moved by the mundane. Simple, sensual experiences, the aroma of an open-air restaurant, the moist reflection of a street light, cool shade on a summer afternoon, entice me to capture not only colors, but emotion as well on my canvas. Through my work I try to offer viewers a place they can open their hearts and reflect, and possibly even find hope. “Painting simply verifies my God-given co-existence with man and nature.”

The daughter of a legacy of Alabama teachers, preachers and farmers, Keefer became mindful of the joy of simple pleasures. Her appreciation for the land and its beauty has been reflcted in her art since the age of 13, leading her to study art formally. She received a degree in Art Education from Jacksonville State University, a Masters in Art History from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and graduate painting from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has garnered many awards and she is a teacher of plein air painting in both watercolor and oil.


Keefer is a member of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters, and the Portrait Society of America.  She is often found painting in the streams, on the parkway, and by the mountain lakes of the region that is her home. 

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