Bill George

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"Art is not what you see, but 

what you make others see."

              —Edgar Degas  

I have always been interested in art from a early age, eventually attending the School of Art & Design and The Art Students League. Working as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I started my own graphic design firm on Madison Avenue in New York City.

I define my work as Realism (a.k.a. naturalism) a style of art that attempts to portray the subject as it actually appears in real life but stops short of looking like a photograph.


My preference is to paint from life, be it a portrait or still life. Although I do work from photographs—interpreting them rather than copying them.

I don’t try to analyze what is in front of me when I paint— as Sargent says...

“...the artist ought to know nothing whatever about the nature of the object before him... 

but should concentrate all his powers on a representation of its appearance...”


I paint in the indirect method: a method in which the final effects in a picture are built up gradually by placing several layers of paint, one over the other, the upper layers modifying, but not altogether concealing the lower layers.

I like to work in “Series”, that is, a collection of pieces of art that have a common theme. Some of the collections I have created are: 

“Icons”... famous celebrities and Artists—painted from black and white photographs which I translate into color squares of various colors, usually with a definite color palette in mind. 

“Rock, Paper, Scissors”... based on a hand game usually played between two people. I use 

different variations and combinations of the three items in complementary color palettes.


“Shadow Box”...a series of still lifes inside of a shadow box with a single light source.


Although I work in a number of mediums (Pastel, Watercolor, Gouache, Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Etching and Fresco), my main focus remains oil painting. I continue to study the methods and techniques of the masters Rembrandt, Velasquez as well as Sargent, Zorn and Sorolla.

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