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Altman Social Distancing in Asheville 8

Asheville gallery of art members are using the quarantine time to reinvigorate their skills and to continue contributing by making our visual world beautiful.....

During this time of social distancing, I simply went with it in my paintings. A lot of times us artist types thrive in this sort of situation where we can separate ourselves enough from the fray to indulge in our mind's eye and our heart's desires. ~Robin Altman

Robin Altman

Social Distancing in Asheville  acylic

Burgess_C_Blue Energy24x24acrylic.JPG

"We are being tested in this period of history with the notion of adaptability. To adapt means to survive. Boldness lies now in not giving up the life force to create, which is our nature as artistic souls. Visual artists speak, without words, of that force. This abstraction of mine exemplifies the forces working to explore the dynamics of abrupt change.” Cathyann Burgess

Cathyann Burgess

Blue Energy

acrylic on wood  24x24

Jane Molinelli_The Long View_acrylic on

"In facing COVID-19 we all have had to take the long view. For me, it's been a time to step back and put everything in perspective. We are part of a universe that is far bigger than us." Jane Molinelli

Jane Molinelli


Sandra Brugh Moore, Pinners Cove Walk, w

I accepted a challenge to do a painting everyday for the month of April. I have time to plan and dive deep into studying my chosen path, painting the landscape that is dear to me, exploring and appreciating my own backyard.” Sandra B Moore

Sandra Brough Moore

Pinners Cove Walk watercolor 12x12

“After working on my last series “Art for Adult Children” I have been feeling the need to let my girls grow up. Are they sassy? Meditative? Worried about their futures? I am trying to paint a “verb” into each piece. My “Girls Girls Up” series is now 15 paintings long, and the work just started getting larger. Exciting!” Sue Tregay

Sue Tregay

Dare 12x10

mixed media


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