Asheville Gallery of Art
July Show
Paintings as Pathways: Enjoying Nature Through Art

Joyce Schlapkohl is the Asheville Gallery of Art’s featured artist for the month of July.  Visitors to the gallery will have the entire month to view her landscape and floral oil paintings, all done in a style she describes as “painterly realism.”  Visitors can view this collection of new artwork, “Paintings as Pathways: Enjoying Nature Through Art,” at AGA from July 1st-31st , with a “Meet the Artist” event on Friday, June 2nd, 5pm-8pm.  The gallery is open seven days a week from 11am-6pm. 

Joyce Schlapkohl_Rick'sRoses_oil_24x28_875.jpg

Rick's Roses

Schlapkohl’s paintings focus on the beauty of nature and the special effects of light and shadow.  She is continuously inspired by the natural offerings of Western North Carolina and paints the various native flora and fauna to delight both herself and the viewer.  Schlapkohl’s paintings dance between realism and artful interpretation, demonstrating clear colors and composition but maintaining a painterly stroke. One of her oils, titled “Boating Party,” depicts a collection of canoes resting in a lazy river, the sun beaming through the canopy of leafy trees to create clear contrast of light and dark, the water is peaceful and reflects a portion of clear blue sky overhead.  The mood is decidedly serene, evoking a warm, bright summer day. Other works, such as “Rick’s Roses,” showcase Schlapkohl’s love of color and texture, as the still life bursts with vivid roses in various shades of pink, all contained in a reflective glass vase.

 Joyce Schlapkohl_BoatingParty_oil32x34_1800.jpg

Boating Party

Schlapkohl received a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of North Carolina and only started her art career after a back injury. She had always loved painting and enrolled in Florida Atlantic University to further her art education.  Since then, she has continually taken workshops with nationally-known artists and pursued her passion for painting as a full-time artist.  Schalopkohl says, “One wonderful part of painting is that you never stop learning and developing your eye for seeing.”  She has taught watercolor classes over the years and was selected as a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.  Since then, she has transitioned to painting in oils to better capture her style with added freedom and texture. 

Joyce Schlapkohl_CarolinaStream_oil32x38_1800.jpg

Carolina Stream

Viewers can see more than a dozen original oil paintings by Joyce Schlapkohl beginning July 1 and running through July 31st at the Asheville Gallery of Art.  Joyce will be present for a special “Meet the Artist” event on First Friday, July 2nd, from 5pm-8pm.  The gallery is open seven days a week, from 11am-6pm. 

A 31-member cooperative, Asheville Gallery of Art embraces the diversity of styles, techniques, mediums and viewpoints each of our artists uses to interpret both the inner and outer world. Even during this time of pandemic life, we have stayed connected to one another and to our resilient mountain community. We continue to focus on making new and exciting works and letting our art speak for us.