Colorful Asheville

                               “Colorful Asheville”

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Asheville Gallery of Art’s April Online show, “Colorful Asheville,” features the work of Bee Adams, whose paintings capture the fun and vibrancy of this one-of-a-kind town.

Bee Adams delights in bringing together paintings of the Asheville area for her show created both en plein air and in her studio. “I focus on color and keep my paintings fresh and loose. I believe this approach makes my work dynamic while simultaneously teasing and delighting the eye.” 

Bee Adams at work in her studio

Whatever her subject, Bee says she is fearless in her interpretations. Her paintings are not careful architectural renderings. “I try to make each painting a vibrant celebration that allows the viewers to encounter the familiar anew.” She presents her work in exuberant colors with unmistakeable skill that shows a masterful execution of her technique.

Bee Adams   Here Comes the Sun

Bee was active in the Denver art scene for more than 40 years. She also lived in Brussels and took particular joy in capturing the intricate buildings throughout Europe with quick sketches and sharing her work in several exhibitions. Bee now calls Asheville her home. “Asheville is where mountains and interesting, unique architecture come together wonderfully.”

Bee Adams   Architect's Dream


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