Olga Dorenko



My paintings highlight color and light, and they are inspired by local, national and international landscapes. I have always had a deep appreciation for color. As a classical art student in the former Soviet Union, I spent a considerable amount of time mixing and blending colors. This longstanding and intense relationship with color in my artistic training is displayed in my current work. Through my use of color, I am able to lend a contemporary interpretation to my otherwise realistic landscapes.

In addition to color, I also have a deep appreciation for Asian art techniques and styles. In particular, I greatly admire the gentle light, vivid brushwork and painstaking detail of the Russian artist Ivan Shishkin. I strive to pay homage to these inspirations in my own work. 

Nature also plays an important role in my paintings. I am continuously inspired by nature’s variable colors and the beauty found in both rural and urban landscapes. My most recent work has been a celebration of the natural beauty found throughout Western North Carolina.

I have experienced many changes in my life, and my art reflects these changes. As a child, my family moved throughout the Soviet Union. Later, as a young mother, I immigrated to the United States. Nature’s beauty was the constant throughout all of these changes. Flowers and trees, sunsets and snowfall are beautiful on both sides of the ocean and in any corner of the world. Life is ever changing. My paintings pursue the everlasting.

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