Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m interested in getting into galleries in the Asheville area. How do I

make application to the Asheville Gallery of Art?

A: A cooperative, Asheville Gallery of Art schedules jury sessions periodically based on vacancies. Please refer to the Information for Prospective Member Forms. If interested be sure to fill out a Membership

Application Form.


Q: What are the cooperative gallery requirements?

A: Artists must live within a reasonable driving distance from the gallery, as each member is required to clerk at the gallery a minimum of one day per month and serve on at least two committees, to help with the operation of the gallery.


Q: Do you accept photographs?

A: No. Photography is not accepted.


Q: Do you accept sculptural, or three dimensional work?

A: No. The gallery exhibits only two dimensional artwork.


Q: Are artists allowed to sell reproductions through the gallery?

A: No. Asheville Gallery of Art permits only original work to be displayed and sold.