Kate Thayer

Flat Rock, NC


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The Nature Of Place 


These paintings are to celebrate the the changing seasons.  The Fall colors are so varied dependent on the area and the light. Esch years they appear different.


Nature is life-giving.  It is what recharges our spirit and enriches our lives.


My calling as a painter is to render what we don’t take time to see into what we could see. Nature speaks to us when we have learned how to look at and listen to her.


The aim of my paintings is to share my encounters with the moods of nature using the unique palettes within each season. Painting the spirit of places that moved me.


When viewers lose themselves within my paintings, they interpret the scene creating their own personal connection with the place. There is a renewed enchantment  each time the painting is looked into.

My oil paintings are done with palette knives and oil paint to create textures and depth. The pastel paintings are created on sanded paper, watercolor, pastel medium, and dry pastel. For me, this  Texture makes the paintings come to life with the energy and vibrancy of the forest and rivers of Western North Carolina.

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