Robin Wethe Altman

Asheville, NC



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I’m an idealist. In my paintings I express optimism and clarity. After a storm, the air is clean and the sun illumines the earth in such a way that I feel awake and alive. When this happens, colors are brighter shapes are more distinct, and there is a sense of newness that regenerates my spirit.


This quality is what I express in my paintings. There is a sense of well-being, a notion that all is well with the world. I paint in patterns. Like puzzle pieces each section fits together as do individuals that make up each city, country, and planet. Each piece has its place and importance to the whole, just as every form of life has its own purpose to fulfill. I believe in the law of attraction that says, What you focus on the most, you manifest in your life, so I focus on the positive aspects of life that are simple and yet profound. I place a lot of emphasis on a well-designed page and colors that pop, values that are strong.


It is my goal to share this happy view of life, a feeling of heaven on earth where the essence of God resides in every percieved material object. I think that we are worthy of great joy. This state of mind may only occur in precious moments now, but I believe it can be a natural state of being for everyone.


I paint with high quality watercolor, acrylic and oil paint, and use high quality, ph balanced paper and canvas. I layer colors to create new colors. I like to use contrast that commands the eye to look from across a room.

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