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Adams, Bee
Altman, Robin Wethe
Bonnyman, Anne
Bowman, Elinor
Brown, Karen
Burgess, Cathyann
Cole, Bill
Coleman, Kate
The Red Tailed Hawk
Dolamore, Sue
Dubreuil, Terrilynn
A totally fun piece to do.
Just let myself relax and see where the colors take me!
Fakhoury, Sahar
Havens, Gayle
Honerkamp, Tina
Ilg, Ruth
Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size: 11"h x 14"w
Framed Size: 12 1/2"h x 15 1/2"w
Keefer, Cheryl
Lordeon, Sally
McLaughlin, Anne
Michelson, Olga
Molinelli, Jane
Dance While You Can
6 x 6 inches
Moore, Sandra Brugh
Max Patch Into the Light
Rentner, Judy
Richard, Megan
birds in trees
Robinson, Michael
Schlapkohl, Joyce
Schumaker, Zoe
Sholly, Deb
Snyder, Jane
Sohovich, Sun
12x24 Oil on Canvas
Sousa, Lisa
Thayer, Kate
Tregay, Susan
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